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Lets Talk Light

I am Raghuvamsh, hailing from Hyderabad India and currently residing in Canada. ​I am a nature photographer and seasoned travel blogger, eager to explore new destinations and capture the unique beauty of each place I visit. With a keen sense of adventure and a passion for the natural world, I traveled to some of the most remote and beautiful locations on earth, capturing the essence of each place through my lens. It feels amazing to create unique and inspiring images that tell a story and capture the emotional energy of the places I visit. 

From breathtaking landscapes to intimate portraits of wildlife, I strive to create conceptual and captivating images that frames the spirit of the places and people I encounter along the way. I constantly try to push the boundaries of photography, exploring new techniques and ideas, and learning something new every day.

I  strongly believe that nature & wildlife photography is not just about finding and capturing the fascinating landscapes, wild creatures and the rare ones, but it is about freezing the rarest perspectives that the nature whispers.

I'm excited to explore the world, share my work & let my journeys and light speak! 

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