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The Interlacing & Selective Framing of Avian's Flight

The world of avian flight is a realm of wonderment, a mesmerizing tapestry of movement painted across the boundless canvas of the sky. As a bird flies, swooping, and glides, it becomes an artist, creating a unique piece of aviation art. This choreography of the bird world will captivate photographers, ornithologists, and outdoor enthusiasts worldwide. With an emphasis on both the birds themselves and the inventive method that reveals their distinctive flight patterns—the art of interlacing & selective framing—I set out on this voyage to investigate the complex beauty concealed inside the flight patterns of birds.


Interlacing Frames Technique

At the core of this creative endeavor lies the precise and meticulous process of interlacing multiple frames. It is the artist's brush stroke, the writer's pen, and the composer's notes, all orchestrated in harmony to reveal the true essence of avian flight. Similar to weaving threads into a colorful tapestry, the interlacing frames technique entails taking individual frames of a bird's flight and then skillfully combining them into a cohesive and coherent image. The outcome is an aesthetically stunning depiction of a bird's flight that provides insights into the subtleties and grace of its movement.


Revealing Unique Flight Patterns

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The Process


The interlacing frames technique is a multi-step procedure that requires patience, artistic vision, and technical proficiency. It is not sufficient to merely take a picture of a bird in flight; one also needs to convey the essence of the bird's elegance and motion.


Selecting a bird in midair to be the primary subject is the first step in the process.. This step is crucial, as the chosen bird becomes the protagonist of our visual narrative. From majestic hawks to nimble starlings, each bird brings a unique character to its flight, and the interlacing frames technique allows us to highlight these nuances.


Following the bird's selection, the next stage is meticulous tracking and framing. This is where we follow the bird's path through the sky, capturing multiple frames in rapid succession. The use of high-speed shutter settings is essential here, ensuring that we freeze every moment of the bird's movement. But it's not just a series of static images; it's the dynamic progression of flight, captured in stillness.


To enhance our visual storytelling, time-lapse and video footage become invaluable tools. These media allow us to extend the duration of our narrative, recording not just seconds but minutes of a bird's flight. It's like turning the pages of a storybook, revealing the chapters of flight in a single, continuous journey.


Yet, the magic truly happens during the post-processing phase. Here, using professional editing tools like photoshop & lightroom, I breathe life into our images. Each frame is meticulously aligned and blended with its predecessors and successors to create a harmonious composition. The goal is to showcase the beauty and intricacies of the bird's flight pattern. Shaky frames are carefully removed, ensuring the final image is crisp and clear, akin to an artist's brushstroke that perfects a masterpiece. Sometimes I leave them as is to bring the artistic expression. 

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