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Grace in the Concrete Jungle: Capturing the Beauty of the Indian Peacock in the Urban Arena

Capturing the grace and beauty of the peacock in the urban jungle was a thrilling and eye-opening experience. This magnificent bird, known as the National bird of India, is revered for its stunning beauty and iridescent feathers. However, the increasing urbanization and development has put the peacocks at risk, with threats of poaching and being hit by vehicles on the rise.

As I set out to capture the birds around, I was awestruck by seeing the peacock in the urban habitat of Tellapur Area, Hyderabad. Its vibrant feathers glistened in the sun, and the way it moved was nothing short of graceful. I wanted to capture the peacock in a way that showcased its beauty and elegance, while also highlighting the challenges it faces in the urban jungle.

I was keenly aware of the conservation issues surrounding this magnificent bird. It was important to me to not only capture its beauty, but to also bring attention to the need for its protection. The peacock is listed as a Specially Protected bird and killing the Peacock is a punishable crime according to the Forest Act 1972 under the Indian Wildlife Conservation, but despite these protections, there is still a risk of poaching and illegal poaching activity.

I hope that these images will help raise awareness and bring attention to the need for the conservation and protection of this magnificent bird.



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