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If you've landed on this page, thats amazing!!! It seems your ears are up to something exciting. Whether you stumbled here by chance or you are on a mission to discover your next favorite tune, you're in for a treat. Welcome to my sonic playground, where melodies roam free and rhythms dance to their own beat. So, kick back, adjust your headphones, and let's embark on a musical journey together. 

For over a decade, I have learnt music, not just for the kicks, but for the sheer fun of it! Music isn't just a side hustle—it's my melodic adventure, a canvas where I doodle with sound, and a hotline bling to folks worldwide.


I am all about smashing stereotypes, especially when it comes to genres and languages. From traditional tunes to Indie Melodies & Mass numbers, I am on a quest to explore them all. And hey, collaboration is my weapon! Join me, and let's shake up the music scene together.


As a newcomer in the world of music composition, I am stepping onto the rhythmic stage. Hailing from the land of maple syrup and Mounties, I am on a mission to share my groove with the world. Beginning with my native Telugu, I am eager to explore the beats of different languages and cultures. From Hindi to Kannada, Tamil to Malayalam, I can sing in all these languages. After all, music knows no bounds—it's the ultimate polyglot!


And here's the plot twist: Fortunately or Unfortunately, I see music like a film director sees their next blockbuster. Yep, my photography background means I am crafting tunes with cinematic flair. It's like composing with a side of popcorn!


So buckle up, folks! Join me on this musical rollercoaster ride. Let's rock out, laugh, and maybe shed a tear or two as we explore the infinite possibilities of sound and storytelling.

Latest Release - O Priya JabiliveArtist Name
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O Priya Jabilive

I had the pleasure of collaborating with my childhood friend, Song writer Alamkrutha Gamini on the composition 'O Priya Jabilive.' To add magic to our creation, we were honored to have Indian Idol Fame P V N S Rohit lend his vocals. This song was released in March 2024, during the vibrant celebrations of Holi. It was truly an unforgettable journey.


In this heartfelt song, the protagonist, deeply in love, implores his beloved to stay by his side forever. To experience the emotions woven into the melody, click the link below and listen to the song.

  • Story Screen Play & Direction: Krishna Chanduri

  • Produced by: Vishnu Reddy Boda

  • Cast: Yash Koppala & Divya George 

  • Cinematography & Editing: Jayaditya Kakarla

  • Title Poster & Album Posters Designing: Dileep Kumar Creations

  • Keyboard programming, Rhytming & Arrangement: Nissi Justin Musical

  • Acoustic Guitar: Sujeeth Sujji

  • Violin: Vihari Hinuma

  • Flute: Uma krishna. B

  • Mix & Mastering: Rakesh Mickey

  • Recording Studio: Jublie 10 studio, Hyderabad

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