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Title: A System and Method to Identify user using imaging system.

Patent Number: 512482

Status: Granted

Key Features:

  1. Digital Data Ownership Protection: Addresses the challenge of claiming ownership and preventing theft of digital data, particularly focusing on multimedia content like images.

  2. Image Theft Detection Model: Proposes a model to determine whether partial or complete theft of an image has occurred.

  3. Biometric Embedding: Embeds the biometric feature, specifically the owner's fingerprint, onto the digital image at a micro level, enabling detection of even small portions of image theft.

  4. Spatial Domain Limitation: Focuses on the spatial domain, i.e., raw image data, for embedding the biometric feature.

  5. Non-Distortion of Image Quality: Ensures that embedding the biometric feature does not distort the image quality or introduce artifacts.

  6. Application to Social Media Platforms: Recognizes the prevalence of data compromise on social media platforms and proposes a technique to embed biometric traits into photos published online for ownership verification.

  7. Ownership Dispute Resolution: Aims to resolve ownership disputes by providing evidence of rightful ownership through embedded biometric traits.

  8. Comparative Analysis: Evaluates the proposed architecture by comparing embedded traits with those of the person claiming ownership, assessing watermark imperceptibility, and testing robustness against various attacks.

  9. Accuracy Assessment: Analyzes the accuracy of the technique in terms of false acceptance rate and false rejection rate, ensuring reliable ownership verification.

International Publications


Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research,


A Novel Image Theft Identification Using Biometric Feature


Published Date: 

April 1, 2017

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