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Brilliance of Jupiter and Venus Conjunction: A Rare Astronomical Event

On the evening of March 2nd, 2023, I was thrilled to witness a rare astronomical event - the conjunction of Jupiter and Venus. This is one of the most remarkable events in the night sky, where the two brightest naked-eye planets appear to be close to each other in the night sky due to their position in orbit around the Sun. It's an event that only happens once every few years, and this one was particularly special because it was the last time the conjunction would be this easily visible until 2041.

With my camera in hand, I headed to the Guelph Lake Conservation Area where I knew I could get an unobstructed view of the night sky. As I arrived, I was amazed at how bright and clear the sky was, and how easily visible Jupiter and Venus were. Using a nearby tree as a reference point, I positioned my camera to capture the visual of the two planets. The contrast of Venus's bright white and Jupiter's orange-yellow color made for an amazing sight (used Sony 200-600mm for the zoom). It was like they were almost touching each other, even though they were millions of miles apart.

I spent the next hour taking pictures of the conjunction and was amazed at the brilliance of the two planets. It was a truly breathtaking sight. This conjunction was a reminder of how incredible our universe is and how much we have yet to discover. It may be a few years until we see this event again, it was definitely worth the wait.

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Mar 03, 2023
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