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Capturing Lion's Head Lighthouse and its Dreamlike Surroundings

Lion's Head was one of Ontario's most treasured natural landmarks. The rocky headland jutted out into the shimmering waters of Georgian Bay, and at its base, a historic lighthouse stood guard, guiding sailors safely into the harbour. As I approached Lion's Head, I was immediately struck by the rugged beauty of the landscape. The rocky cliffs rose steeply from the water, and the wind whipped fiercely around me, creating a hauntingly beautiful soundtrack.

Despite the extreme cold that bit at my fingers, I took a deep breath and prepared to capture the beauty of the scene. Unfortunately, I was unable to set up my camera, so I relied on my trusty phone to do the job. Using the Live Mode feature, I was able to capture a long exposure shot of the clouds moving above the lighthouse. The sky above was a painterly dreamscape, with clouds that looked like they were painted onto the sky by a master artist.

Back at home, I carefully edited the photo, playing with the shadows to create a dramatic effect. I decided to convert the picture to black and white, which added to the moody and atmospheric feel of the shot. The final result was a photograph that captured the rugged beauty of Lion's Head, the majesty of the lighthouse, and the ethereal beauty of the clouds passing above.


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